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Did you know about USB's?


Quality USB Flash Drives

Be sure you get what you pay for!

We only use "A" Grade (Tier 1) memory chips are used in our Promotional USB Flash Drives.

In some cases lesser grade and quality memory chips are used in Promotional Flash Drives to lower the price.

Ensure your brand is not compromised by sub-standard quality products.

FREE Data Loading...

FREE with all Ex-China Factory USB orders - we will load up to 150Mb of your data files onto your promotional USB Flash Drives, so they are ready to hand out when you receive them.

Your files can either be loaded as "deletable" or "non-deletable" - the choice is yours.

Larger Data file loading on your Corporate USB Memory Sticks can be accomodated, we will just need to qoute you as needed.

NB - Data loading may add 1 week to the delivery leadtime, depending on factory production schedules. FREE Data Loading is only on USB Flash Drives supplied from our China Factory Directly.

USB Flash Drive Pricing and Leadtimes

All USB Flash Drives on our website are priced, so you can get Online Quotes in Real time.

Did you know? - Technology prices change almost daily and this effects USB prices globally. - As a result USB Memory prices are updated weekly to reflect changes in factory prices and also the International Exchange rates.

Why arent more USB's stocked in Australia? - Largely due to the fluctuating pricing, but also the enormous range of styles and memory sizes - this coupled with the small size of USB's, makes it an easy product to Air Freight in from the China factory cost effectively.

Leadtimes for USB Memory Sticks China Direct is only about 4 weeks from your artwork approval. - however the cost savings often offset the slightly longer leadtime

Faster Turn Around is available on some Basic styles with USB limited memory sizes available ex-local stock if needed.

Pete Schroeder

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