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Why Choose Custom USB Flash Drives?


Branded USB Memory sticks are everywhere these days.

Given the benefits they offer its no real surprise. But as more and more companies use branded USB memory sticks to promote their products or support their marketing and advertising activities its all the more important to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Printed or engraved memory sticks that reflect your brand/logo, ideally in a complimentary colour and style can look fantastic and they do make a real impact. But, creating a custom shaped USB memory stick takes you into another league.

Custom USB memory sticks that take their design influence and styling from your logo, products or the market you operate in never fail to have an impact way beyond standard USB products. Done well they become real talking points and can be a fundamental part of any advertising or promotional campaign. This novelty factor and appeal can be important in ensuring your hard spent marketing cash is not simply thrown away or tossed into a drawer.

Up until recently custom USB memory sticks were only financially viable if you were looking to order them in huge quantities and even then the initial set up and tooling costs were high and prohibitive for most. But with increased competition, few customers and improvements in the manufacturing process all this has changed.

Today, its possible to provide an economic alternative to the standard USB memory sticks for orders of 100 pieces or more. Custom USB shapes can be manufactured from a variety of recycled and recyclable materials such as PVC, ABS, Silicon and PET. By using these materials the factories have been able to drive down the set-up and production costs without any compromise on quality.

In particular, PVC offers a great feel as well as fantastic detail and makes production of 2D and 3D custom shaped USB sticks cost effective. The challenge is really down to the customer to come up with the idea and concept.

The lead-time for a custom USB stick is a little longer than for standard USB sticks that are just going to be printed or engraved so be sure to allow for this. The extra few days (and it should add no more than 1 week to the whole process) will be worth it in terms of impact and "wow" factor.

So, if you are considering a USB memory stick as part of any communication or marketing activity why not go that one little step extra and get some quotes for custom shaped USB Flash Drives.

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