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Promo Secrets

If you want to make your promotional products campaign work harder, follow these tips from industry experts.

1. Make sure the selected promotional item fits the overall theme and objectives of your campaign. It also needs to be presented to the end user in an appropriate manner, which enhances the promotional product and ensures it is not seen as an afterthought.

2. Define who is going to receive the item, when they will receive it and how. We always recommend that the client should whenever possible invite the customer to respond and build a database from these responses.

3. Allow enough time for product turnaround, taking into account whether the promotional products needed are available in Australia or have to be imported. And, as the costs of Promotional Products can be significant, particularly in business-to-business promotions, have proper distribution plan in place so there is no wastage.

4. Above all, all the experts agree that a client must involve a professional Promotional Products supplier or consultant early in the campaign, preferably at the same time the ad agency is briefed.

Source - APPA

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