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Corporate Gifts that make the right Impression

It could be that you want to reward an outstanding employee, a loyal supplier, a helpful sponsor, or simply want to show gratitude to fellow employees who have to suffer the agony of working in the same organization as you, everyday (tongue in cheek). One thing you should try irrespective of the motivation behind the corporate gift is that it should stand out.

There are so many different reasons for giving out corporate gifts and these reasons matter when one is choosing a particular gift. A corporate gift to your boss during the December holidays may not seem entirely appropriate if given after the boss has announced the companies end year results. A golf kit corporate gift will please an up and coming executive, especially if he happens to be a golf enthusiast, but the same gift will be meaningless to a low cadre staff member who doesn’t know the difference between a birdie and a bogey.

For corporate gifts that are meant for individuals, it’s good practice to see it to that the gifts are personalized, if they are to be especially cherished by the recipients. In situations where the recipients are a team, identical corporate gifts to each team member of the team might be a good idea.

Value-driven gifts

Corporate gifts to your most valued clients should underpin this fact. This is because the clients are likely to see that gift as your measure of their value to you. Thus tacky gifts are to be avoided in every measure. Make sure that the corporate gift you send to such a client has a high perceived worth. This is by no means endorsing profligate spending on corporate gifts to the detriment of your organization.

When you want to give a corporate gift to an outstanding employee, try to ensure that the gift has an “outsider” element. By this it’s meant that the gift is not an item the organization in question ordinarily deals with. It makes no sense for a wine making establishment to give two bottles of their best brands to their super sales man.

Don’t get too personal with corporate gifts

It is encouraged to choose corporate gifts that the recipient will personally use and not those that are used to improve their businesses or the ones that may have to be shared with the family. But some items may be seen as being too personal and invasive. Clothes for instance (and especially undergarments) will always be seen as a bit intrusive by the recipients and are thus inappropriate as corporate gifts.

Not all of personal items need be intrusive. For instance, watches might be good corporate gifts, though other types of jewelry might not reach this threshold. While still on appropriateness, consider whether the corporate gift in question is acceptable for different types of people, for example, men or women. A man might be surprised if he is lavished with a handbag as a corporate gift.

And lastly do not forget the idea behind corporate gifts is to make recipients feel cherished, so balance the esthetic value many gifts have plus the functionality of a gift for it to have a lasting impression. Remember functionality add to a gifts worth, so give something that adds value to the recipients life.

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