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Count on Elleven



Every once and a while a range of products is released that is truly inspirational - Elleven is such a collection.

Unashamedly developed with an IT focus, the Elleven range is packed with features, unique styling and quality.

Capture - all your gadgets and gear in the innovative TechTrap

Sort - essentials into their specially designed spots

Grab - the items you need from accessible pockets

See - all your stuff against light interiors

Feel - the durability of the fabric

Travel - efficiently with the checkpoint-friendly features

Grasp - the comfort panels and textured grips

Pack - it all in the vast interior

Protect - your things with solid construction, inside and out

Command - attention with red accents for style and function

Discover - the thrill of unexpected extras

Count the ways that elleven responds to your needs. - view the range here

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